Anyone claiming that bass is easier to play than guitar, have clearly not played enough bass.

Anyone claiming that bass is easier to play than guitar, have clearly not played enough bass.


An epic unplanned series of puns, part 1

Do you guys know the Latin name for Earth?
No, tell us.

A train of thought

This morning (well, close enough) I, for some reason, started thinking about the general aversion to aggressive music, and metal in particular. After reasoning with myself (yes, I do that) along the lines of “it’s a creative and positive outlet for otherwise destructive energies” and “where some see hate and violence, I see anger and frustration”, this phrase came to mind:

All creation is an image of its creator.

Religious connotations aside, this means that all art reflects the artist’s state of mind at the time of conception, just as everything you do is a reflection of yourself. But not only do your thoughts and choices reflect you, but they also create you. Because what is your mind, your self, other than a constant stream of experiences and reactions?

As you might notice, I’m having huge problems getting this together, mainly because several hours have passed now, and it’s difficult to stop a running train, so to speak. Since I’m literarily exhausted, I’ll just leave it at this, and hope it makes some sense.


Flowers in a dead mans hand

I was at a local record store the other day, just randomly browsing through the metal section, when I came across this album I’d been looking for the last couple of years.

Clean yet powerful vocal melodies, soaring above heavy riffs and almost tribal rhythms. Lyrics dealing with love, hate, life and death, in a spiritual but rational way. If this interrests you, I suggest you subject your ears and mind to the works of Enter The Hunt.

Look, I know that quoting lyrics (wether to seem mysterious/deep/poetic or otherwise) is quite lame and pretentious. But, hey, I am quite lame and pretentious. Anyway, here’s a nice picture and some lyrics.

Enter The Hunt

Enter the Hunt - One

Never was a darker scam
Than shading what was given Man
And making him perceive his God
A distant isle, a cut off land

The Loop revolves in hope and doubt
And from the Loop there’s no way out
But in an instant there’s a door
To end this dream forever more

But only if I’m capable
To be okay once and for all
And love my life without regrets
For one last time my sun’ll set

To Feel You
To Love You
To Be You
Unveiled and naked as One

Never was a better plan
Than to hide within the heart of Man
The very core of all that is
And then reveal it with a kiss

Brother Judas I’m with you
Many times I’ve doubted too
But in the hour of shadows I
Will let my silence testify
To galaxies in grains of sand
Flowers in a dead mans hand
To genius and idiots
And Gods in everyone of us

To Feel You
To Love You
To Be You
Unveiled and naked as One

A slightly better continuation of a really weak introduction

Seeing as my first post didn’t reveal much of the nature of its succeeders, I thought I’d just casually utter, in the form of a list of tags, some of the topics to be expected (often in combinations of at least two or three), as can be seen right about over here. —>

A really weak introduction


So, yeah… I’m not actually very fond of writing.

It’s not that I’m bad at it, or that I don’t have anything worthwhile to say, but being somewhat of a linguistical, or at least grammatical, perfectionist, the process gets really tedious. However, since I’m also really lazy, I sometimes just give up and let my standards drop. (Notice how I just did that?)

Anyway, as I’m already tired of cramming my fluffy, spongy thoughts into the incommodious form of words, I’ll take a rest now and prepare for the next few posts. They’ll probably be about music, but you never know.

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